Comment: Is reality check

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Is reality check

This is standard fraternity stuff. This is how these people practice to become abusive once they get into positions of power. This is how it works.
Let's suppose that Bush Jr. gets into Harvard. He is obviously way below the rest in brains, guts, etc. So he joins a fraternity where his peers - i.e. rich kids with powerful parents and a little bit useless by themselves - get together and put on a show of being really cool. They will recruit/accept a couple of very bright/intelligent people or outstanding ahtletes in their group so that the group looks like 'top of the line'.
Since they have a lot of money, connections, etc, they will seem like the best of the best to other students who are just getting to know the school, having financial burdens, etc. They think - how can these guys study, have fun, have good looking girlfriends, etc. at the same time. This is natural we all fall into that trap.
Part of fraternity life is to humiliate others. They will setup people - like your son - to feel themselves empowered since they are so useless on their own. Someone goes to a party to have fun, feels the vibe, etc. and they will fall into such a trap.
Now these Bushes & Chenney's graduate and they follow the same pattern but on a bigger scale. The populace is tricked into believing they are succesful, etc, etc. when in reality they just have a good system of deceit.

And that - as Ben Swann says - Is reality check