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Wow. You might want to check your meds

I didn't say my word was divine. I said I had not included any details that seemed irrelevant (and yes, that supposes that I'm determining which). My point was to avoid the he-said, she-said part and just give the info as the cop saw it. I certainly don't need lectures about my kid's behavior. I commented on a police related post to show police bias which you have and continue to dismiss.

You ask for the words where you do so? How about dwelling on the side issue you deem most important to you while simply stating that things like arrests without Miranda and refusal to file charges are a 'side issue'.

I'm hardly a protective or apologetic parent. I treat all 6 of our kids the same. You take personal responsibility for both the good and the bad you do. You don't take ANYTHING that isn't fair, from anyone. That's the exact reason he got in trouble the first time. He stopped the police at our front door and wouldn't let them in without a warrant but they forced their way past him and came in without permission. We didn't have the money to fight that one so he got obstruction and minor in possession charges made up after the fact, even though he hadn't had anything to drink at all.

So I ask you, as an obvious parent, would you be a little critical of the police or not?

And as far as 'the girl being overly tolerant', I said I agree personally. But the atmosphere there is truly different from our day. They have games where 'the girl' often drops a guy's shorts and drags him around by his... well, guess. And this goes on in the middle of 60+ people. All are drinking, playing beer pong, music cranked, and dancing with all levels of clothing missing. Being the last Saturday night before they all go home for the summer, I can't imagine this party to be any different.

Any comment on my original question???