Comment: Oh, I don't doubt that--

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Oh, I don't doubt that--

I feel differently about immigration than most, too--

and I agree about the anti-Catholic discrimination that has existed for centuries. I know there are those who say that that is not the reason England pressed Ireland, but I'm not so sure.

I don't know the history of California; I was talking about the area of Texas in which my family came from; as I said, I am not sure of all the history--

I just know what I learned from people who lived in the area--

but, then, on the other hand, I don't think that the U.S. should ever have entered either the League of Nations or the U.N.--

and there was no reason that Jews couldn't have continued to come to America and go to the old British empire; it wasn't those nations who didn't want the Jews; it was the Zionists who didn't want the Jews anywhere but in Israel.

The Zionists were powerful, but they were only one faction of Jews. The others Jews, the anti-Zionists . . . lost.

I don't believe that oppression should ever occur. I hate that it has happened here or elsewhere. But the time comes when it should stop.

I did know that California native Americans were decimated; I had understood that much of it was from "white man's" diseases, but I am not surprised that they were driven and hunted and murdered either.

The most important thing that I believe is that no nation should exist for a single religious group.

If that nation does anything inhumane to anyone, and anybody complains, then they are automatically discriminating against a religion--

which is not true, of course, since there are faithful Jews wearing out their lives to try to get the world to see that not all Jews want Israel as it is now.

I believe that God will take the Jews back to Israel in God's way of doing things, which isn't to plunder--

and I believe the anti-Zionist Jews believe that as well. The League of Nations and the U.N. are not God.

I also believe that, even though many are Muslim (but not all; many are Christians) the people of the middle east have a lot of ancient Jewish blood in them--

Jesus thought highly enough of the Samaritans (who were looked down on by the elite among the Jews) to use a Samaritan as the 'good guy' in one of His Parables--

the Samaritans were a mixed blood people, as are the present day Palestinians; in fact, Palestine is the old word for Philistine, and the Philistines lived side by side with the Israelites for so many generations that it is quite certain there is much Jewish blood in them--

there is a lot of Jewish blood in Iran, too, and most Iranian Jews don't want to leave--

when a tribe in Africa (I read this in the Wall Street Journal in the early 90s) found out that their dna was Levite, some of them wanted to emigrate to Israel, but they weren't treated well--

which leads me to fear that a lot of what some Israelis do with regards to the Palestinians is just racism--

as many white Americans do to the darker-skinned hispanics.

I'm sick of racism in any form--

I don't care who does it; it's wrong--

but I have observed in my own research that many Israelis aren't happy with their government either--

It's too divided, just as America is, for anyone to say, in a collective/general way, that "Israel is ______" or "America is ______" Not everyone in America wants pre-emptive war, but *we* all get blamed if we are citizens here--

not all Israelis are happy at all with the Palestinian situation and want justice for all--

but whose voices are heard?

The rogue element in each country--

It is rogues who oppress--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--