Comment: Granger, I didn't know young Hispanics were . . .

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Granger, I didn't know young Hispanics were . . .

converting to Islam.

THAT is interesting--

I appreciate the history lesson--



I believe ultimately that we are all in God's Hands, and He will deal with us as we have dealt with others.

(not necessarily in a physical sense)--

Ultimately we will be judged for how we treat others, not for how wealthy we were or . . . how much supremacy our race or nation or religion had--

I'm not Catholic, but my best friend in Texas is; we would take our lunch hour at the same time (when I was working after college) and go on a tour of all the old, obscure, tiny Catholic churches in the area--

I loved it; though my family was from there, I didn't live there as a child (just visited relatives); I didn't spend a lot of time there 'til after college (wanted to spend time with family then)--

I loved those little stone chapels--

the amazing thing is that a person could just walk in; nobody was watching, or if they were, they weren't unwelcoming--

so quiet--

I loved that place, have family still there and would live there in a heartbeat if it weren't so hot--

Oh, I need to add that, as I am NOT young, that was a long time ago that I lived there--

I've been back to see family, but it's not the same--

I knew a few kids who were illegal, but those kids worked SO hard--

I know the climate is different now; I know that many things have changed since I lived there. Fact is, my friends were mostly hispanic--

not many white families that live in the north have tamales at holiday times; *we* do--


make them ourselves; the whole family pitches in. Our kids wouldn't have anything else. We are weird.


it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--