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Strictly speaking,

Strictly speaking, restricting access to something that is yours to others is not force, but legitimate exercise of property rights.

1. It is perfectly acceptable, as the owner of the tv, to introduce the rule "no TV after 10 o clock" or whatever time. Watch if your child wants to remain on the couch and out of bed.

2. And rightly so! Don't send your child to school then :-) Homeschooling is a terrific option. Not having the time or skills is a terrible excuse.

3. It is perfectly acceptable, as the owner of the candy, to restrict access to it until after the breakfast is eaten or indefinitely. Let hunger work in your favor.

Strictly speaking, none of these solutions apply force illegitimately. However, I will concede that this strict application of property rights leads in some cases to absurd conclusions. You cannot say "this is my house and you are free to leave if you want but as long as you live here, you must submit to beatings at my every whim."