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Just curious

I could always come to your posts and see the Infowars pieces. Are fellow DPers trying to shame us for posting Alex Jones stories? Don't let the haters bully us and keep on doing what you always did before. You are one of the favorites on this site and I would hate for a few jerks to try and change what we post.
If Michael comes out and says, "NO more Infowars posts", that is one thing, and we would respect it and stop, but just a few grumblings from others is no reason to change what websites your postings come from.

And the same thing goes to people who post on the Boston Marathon bombings and Sandy Hook...there are lots of people who like that. The post today had the highest votes for a while. People don't have to read it if they don't like it.
I was able to customize my homepage so I don't have to see any posts on religion, and I like that very much and others can do the same on stuff they don't want to read about.

The video you posted had a good article with good info along with it on Infowars.