Comment: While I would be in the "yes" column myself, I have a

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While I would be in the "yes" column myself, I have a

hunch that if we did not have a black president, the percentage of people saying "yes" to the potential necessity of armed revolution would be considerably lower.

The proportion therefore may not be an entirely accurate representation of people's willingness to go "all the way" in their desire to protect / reacquire civil liberties as a pure quest of sorts; I think it is inflated a bit by racism and associated fears, unfortunately.

Just a hunch.

(I base this on the reactions of my white conservative friends and family, who finally only seem to feel really threatened by their federal government now that a black man presides. I suppose, in a way, this may be good? I mean, if this is what it took to wake up people into real skepticism of the criminal government regime??? Seems like a bummer, in a way though.... It still pisses 'em all off when I call Obama "Bush III". LOL!)

What would the Founders do?