Comment: ""Are you anti-government,

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""Are you anti-government,

""Are you anti-government, and an enemy of the United States of America? Is the Constitution your enemy?""

To be an enemy, wouldn't we have to be attempting to do harm to your beloved government? How does not wanting to have my property stolen and physical harm done to me by the state make me an "enemy" of the state? I would much rather pretend the state did not exist and ignore it completely. Infact, I would if the assholes running it wouldn't throw me into a cage by force for doing so.

Every time you slobber all over your keyboard in retalliation to something I post, you threaten me about how im going to get mine. This time however, its not a cosmic promise that you're going to get Jesus to break my kneecaps and light me on fire for you once I die. This time, you're actually hinting at a more "terrestrial threat" when you claim that your beloved government will be coming for me because im an "enemy" for having an idea that one does not need a state to thrive. What exactly is it that ive got coming? Could you describe to me what you think is "coming" to me based on my "opinions?" What woeful fate is my natural right to free speech sewing for me? Lay it out for me comrade.

I like Individualist Republics, as far as Governments go. Im not completely sold on a stateless society, however im close. I see no reason why there can't be "justice" without pinning a badge on some asshole and calling him the government. Clearly thats worked out well for us thus far. Arbitration, private security and contract are all valid ends to meet "justice." In a society based on common law and personal responsability.

Look around you fuckface. Do you see a lot of "justice" in this government controlled world of ours? Is it just a coincidence that in a world with 100% control by governments, we have 100% corruption and 0% justice? Or how about this: In order for a government to exist, requires those with the fancy hats to take by force, the private property of those whom do not have the badges. How's that for justice? Isn't THEFT the opposite of Justice?

What you don't like about "anarchy" is that it represents freedom from aggression. What you consider "justice" is that no one can do things you don't approve of, and some dipshit with a fancy badge is able to bring force against them for you.

You're such a government worshiping douchebag, the ultimate evil to you is a society without a state. A society without aggressive "force." The state is your God.

Larken Rose's entire reading could have been designed for you.