Comment: self defense is a virtue

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self defense is a virtue

Our creator gave us a brain. Not to shoot someone with but to use it to defend yourself against anyone who infringes upon your right to live free.
We humans were never intended to kill each other that is why veterans who return from war are committing SUICIDE every 15 minuts or 37,000 times a year. More deaths a year than cancer or any other terrorist attack. The reasons are vast and diversified. But I bet if you asked any of them would you prefer PEACE the answer would be YES on both sides.I think the President and our focus should be on how do we SAVE lives. How do we stop these wars. Why are we going to war, really? Our soldiers died defending our Constitution. They have earned it. Haven't they/we? Guns are not the problemThe president needs to have better communication skills to stop us all from killing each other. That would be a NOBLE PEACE PRIZE.
Sorry to side track, your question is good, I wouldn't know until it happened, like if some animal were to attack my baby. Yes.