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What attracted me to 'The Alex Jones Show' In The First Place

1. His vast knowledge of the global elite and their agenda

2. His ability to interview interesting and rate guests, such as Dr. Ron Paul, Dr. Rand Paul, Lew Rockwell, Dr. William Engdahl, Max Kiser, Richard C. Hoagland, Mark Skousen, Dr. Steven Piecznik, Robert Chapman, Jesse Ventura, Jim Tucker, Pator Lindsey Williams and others..

3) He has guts, enough to hound and gather information on the Bilderberg Group and the guts to get into the Bohemian Grove and video tape much of its ceremonial devil worshipping of Molock..

He has the guts, a big mouth and the knowledge to make a difference in the march toward liberty.

Many of his detractors would rather focus and exploit or complain about what they don't like about Alex Jones rather than what they like.

No one is say Alex Jones is perfect. Only God is perfect.

Alex Jones is an american hero, an american hero because of what he has discovered, exposed and talked about on his internet show. He has awakened many americans and has made, in my opinion, a huge difference...

You all have a right to agree or disagree with me and I welcome both..

After all, isn't the Daily Paul the proper forum for all of us to do just that.