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Comment: I pity the holders of such a fatalistic world view

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I pity the holders of such a fatalistic world view

I'm personally much more optimistic.

I've worked my way through many different career fields proving people wrong who say 'you can't do that'. What I've found is that those people simply can't see many of the 'out of the box' possibilities. I remember one applicable story where I was trying to automate the payroll and timekeeping processes for a global charity. "They" said it couldn't be done because the government required 3 hard copies in paper for each timesheet and it's charges (since they crossed so many national boundries). I wrote the app anyway and incorporated 3 geographically separate backup systems with extra detail on each stage. When I presented it to them, they loved it but still shied away from pitching the regulators. I offered to present it for them and found it actually very easy to change their minds. The regs were changed and payroll/timekeeping saved 11 positions worth of salaries. The other international charities even followed suit. So, those people who thought the government wouldn't go for it, just didn't ask the right way.

"...cannot be solved..." Really? Did you read paragraph 7? That's a free market solution that adds benefits to both the company, the service provider and the government.

And lastly, you seem to forget how capitalism is supposed to work. The ultimate 'in charge' group is the customer. If the big companies fail to take advantage of some chunk of savings that's to be had, someone else will and they will steal their customers. That's how it works. Right?

How are the exchanges going to be controlled by the government? From Tor to Bittorrent to mesh networking to silk road and on to bitcoin, the solutions have all been migrating to less government control and more anonymity. Where do you think that's headed, given 2 billion new internet members in the next 5 years? Sorry, I don't see more control any more than I see the government switching their digits for ours. The people aren't that dumb anymore.

And lastly, how about a contribution in line with the OP. You did read the first paragraph, right? The point was to get people to think past the crash and in light of what is possible afterward.