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The Rothschilds, The Rockefellers, Central Banksters, and also the Multinational Monopolies that they finance and create.

And also the bought-off puppets (Obama, Bush, Cheney, etc.) that they place into key positions of Power and Leadership.

Just go to any major city in the World, and then look upward at the very tallest, and most expensive skyscraper buildings. Then: Look at the names that adorn all those buildings { Rockefeller, Morgan, Chase, Goldman Sachs, etc. }

Those are the guys with all the money.
Those are the guys who either make, or benefit from, all the decisions.

That's the order.
And you always owe them way or another { IRS-Tax System, Bank interest, Bank fees, Global Wars, lost Pensions, devalued currency, money supply distortions, bribery & corruption of public institutions, etc. }.

Welcome to high-technology serfdom.