Comment: Six Hundred-ish??? yikes!

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Six Hundred-ish??? yikes!

I'll buy a Glock with XS Sights, Kahr, or a stock XDm, or even the now under lawsuit Heizer Double Tap over that, any day!

Hell, I'll take sheet metal, buy a cheap bender/rent hydraulic bender, a rivet gun, a drill press, sheet-forming kit and make one myself. LOL

my goodness, historical value is one thing, but six-BigBens? nein! nein! nein!

ah hell, if I'm gonna bother wasting time crafting and bending sheetmetal & $600 worth of parts and tools, as a fun project, might as well get a good Bulgarian parts kit, and do the "Shovel-ready AK" route, instead:

LOL. that's the only 'commie' shovel-ready job I'll agree to, voluntarily.oD

but seriously, how cool is that little project??

Predictions in due Time...

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