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The richest and most

The richest and most influential people in the world are TPTB.

I don't know why that should be a mystery to anyone though. Not exactly a shocking revelation.

Take your own town/city for example. Who gets to go to the really good parties? big businessmen, the police chief, the mayor, congressmen, senators etc. They discuss things, they 'conspire' about what to do in the future and how to do it.

Take the same thing on a global scale, international bankers, CEOs of large MNCs, elected leaders of the world. Of course they won't all talk about the next Tom Cruise movie, they'll talk about the direction of the world, where it is going, where they want it to go, what they can do about it.

Heck, its all we do on the daily Paul is conspire to get liberty leaders elected, get police officers arrested, presidents impeached and laws changed. Only difference is few among us if any have the power to influence these things directly or in a large way.

Now the prevailing opinion among the world's leaders is currently based on information exchange due to the global nature of trade. For the most effective implementation they need centralized databases on people and businesses, fewer currencies, international bodies of oversight and hence they lean towards 'one world'.

Some of us don't like that, including Ron Paul and that was what he meant in his statement IMHO.