Comment: Usury is very, very old in the principle.

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Usury is very, very old in the principle.

Usury is very, very old in the principle.

Peoples have always managed to live around it, by various means.

Guilt isn't on one side only. Borrowing money from someone or something else should always be considered seriously and avoided by all possible means.

Breaking news:

the plunder we suffer today isn't just about good old usury.

What we suffer today is "A MILLION TIMES" worse - so to speak - than usury.

It's MONEY DEBASEMENT BY LEGAL PLUNDER THRU COUNTERFEITING, UNDER FORCE OF LAW ... yes, you guessed it ... in central "banks".

"Central banking" is no more "banking" than I am a saint. Wrong noun #1.

"Central bankers" are no more "bankers" than I am an angel, either. Wrong noun #2.

Evidence and terminology refreshers :

Thus, those are not "banks". Those are not "bankers".

The latter are thieves, parasites, crooks, and sometimes, murderers using the pen as a sword - by planning over millions of human lives seen as ... COMMODITIES, in their spreadsheets.

The central bankers' minions, gov't and politician bullies, handle the rest of how the horror is made effective world wide, thru their victims' sweat and blood.


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