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Nailed it, smudge!

"We The People" with Bob Schultz, Sons of Liberty, Tim Turner. Those are three things I got into, and got out of because of the evangelicals. A LOT of people worked VERY HARD to make that Continental Congress happen, and to keep it a nondenominational document. At the last moment, Schultz changed the document to suit his Christian beliefs. Here is what an odd duck I am, I think his own God has hindered his every move, because he is arrogant about his "faith."
There have been a couple great threads lately - "All Wars are Bankers Wars" and "All Wars are Fought For Usury" but boiled down, the masses are enticed into the battle over he name of their god.
I walk a spirit path, and I worry very little about the name of my Creator. I pick one of the names I have learned, depending upon MY mood, when I "pray." (You know how I pray, I'll bet... There is no bowing down, clasping hands, getting on knees, and ordering God around. I just try to keep something of an ongoing conversation in the back of my mind as I go about my day.) It is not really about "tolerating" other religions for me, it is simply admitting that I do not know which name is right, therefore I do not wish to fight about it. When I show up at a meeting to stand with those of like mind in so many ways, it kinda pisses me off to have them try to "pick a fight" at the start and end of every meeting. I actually got our county central committee to go with a moment of silence. But I never got the chance to do what you did, although I dreamed of it...
I wanted SO BADLY to be invited to give the prayer at a State Central Committee meeting. I was going to do just what you said, complete with some nice cedar (it is a GOP meeting, LOTS of cedar... lol!) sage and sweetgrass. Thanks for sharing your story, at least I got to fulfill my dream vicariously!

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