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Number 6

And if this is the sixth most free state...
You can hardly drive without getting pulled over for something. I live in a tiny town, and deliberately don't "get out much." I try not to burn oil or churn FRNs, it keeps me at home a lot. In the past month, my husband, my son, and a friend have all gotten pulled over for totally bogus stuff. My husband has to be to work EARLY in the morning, he gets pulled over more and more often, just trying to get to work, but besides that no one used to get pulled over for garbage like "Your turn signal was not on long enough" or "You touched the white line when you went around that corner" or given a field sobriety test for dodging potholes on a Swiss cheese road...
Well, it is about chicken-thirty... time to work on my own liberty for a bit.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.