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I honestly don't get your thinking

and I mean that seriously. I'm not trying to be mean and in fact, I'm trying actively to not be mean but you simply don't make any sense. Your individual statements do make sense but putting them together in a big picture, they counter each other dramatically.

Your entire first half opines that the people won't do something because the government won't allow it. Somehow, the people will get caught, the companies will get caught or the process will be overtaken. Correct?

Your second half suggests that local currencies will thrive because the government can't control what the people do. The government can't control what the people do nor can catch them. Correct also?

"If you speed on an empty highway and there's no cop to catch you, do you get a ticket?"

Do you see the irony of those two lines of thinking? They say the exact opposite. If you read close (maybe a little between the lines), you'll see that what I'm suggesting in the OP is that BC takes over at the grass roots at the grass roots level and slowly spreads to larger levels as people desire it.

I'm not sure you realize exactly what level of profit there is in using BC or S in financial transactions as compared to government and banking controlled dollars. I'm guessing you think there's even an overhead margin for exchanging it. In reality, by using this private currency, when you add it all up, there's so much more to profit by. In some businesses, I would put it north of 20% savings.

Do you think any business can survive leaving that much on the table for their competition to snatch up? Ain't happenin'.

You also state that we have no free market. Sure we do. Part of it even has a name. It's called Silk Road. It also goes by the black market. It's free and open. It's uncontrolled and unregulated and there's no one pulling it's strings to push a price up or down. I'm guessing you dismissed it because today, it's name in synonymous with bad things but it actually works very well for good just the same. What happens when regular people see that they can buy ammo, silver or heirloom seeds at greatly discounted costs via this channel? What happens when that expands into the cigarette market and the 'backyard biodiesel equipment' market? Both of those are highly regulated and closely watched so they are great candidates. Thinking along this line, we just go down the list. As government loses control in one area and forces the people's hand in another, that just drives another into the black / free market. Tell me you don't see how advancing technology in one of these markets won't accelerate the speed the next market gets popular approval. Any roadblock you can envision to this happening, I can envision a technological free market solution to circumvent it which also gives speed and other benefits to the customer. And if I can envision it, a smart app or other internet solution can be offered where a profit can be made. Hopefully you can see where this is going.

I'm pretty sure you agree this is all possible but perhaps you just see it happening at a much slower pace. Maybe that pace is even so slow that the government can / will keep ahead of it. Well, let me dispel that myth here also. For the two decades I've been watching them, internet related predictions have been increasingly over-estimating the time things take to happen. In the 90's, predictions of something happening by 2010 ended up happening by 2002. In 2000, ten year predictions took only 4 years. I even started making predictions in 2005 for 7-8 years and they only took 3. Many of last year's "5 year" predictions have now come online. And lastly, things that were as much as ten years off LAST FALL, in both net stuff and physical science stuff is already showing up proven to work.

This is the paradigm shift that happens when you bring new minds into the mix. We currently have about 2 billion people on the net. The predictions of just a couple years ago were that 2 billion more people would be online in 5 years. With crowd-funded internet and cell phone setups, even remote villages in third world countries are getting online before they even get usable toilets. USAID calls this a tragedy but I say it's just a natural progression of information first and self-doing second. (They are designing new sewage systems that don't require tons of water because they're educated now. Maybe we'll incorporate those designs into our infrastructure!?) With all those minds, don't you think there's enough big picture people who will solve this little tech problem or that one? How long after they release it to google apps do you think it will take for the rest of the world to download it? Yeah. About 3 days.

And lastly - government. You say that government this or government that. Well, that's so 90's. Hypothetically, let's assume some little app shows up for people to download that allows instant access to online petitions. Let's assume it is easy to use and just pops up a statement and waits for a sign / no-sign button press. Let's assume that this, coupled with newly released dis-approval ratings and it gets a couple million downloads. Let's also assume they make the process rather inviting in a 'political news spotlight' way. What are individual politicians going to do if they see an action of theirs get petitioned by 300k people while their still sitting in chambers? Sure that's optimistic for response times, but is it impossible? Not at all. Is it empowering for the people? Absolutely. Would it make a major difference in our government's operation? I say, hell yesss.

By the way: I happen to know there are people already working on that exact app so all this could be as little as days or weeks away.

Do you see now how the people can utilize this technology to transform the world we live in? Do you see how every form of top-down control is headed for an inevitable system-wide fall? All it takes is an undetermined amount of time.

So, once again... I ask "Can we get past the 'will it or won't it' argument and try to focus this thread on what changes will result after it takes place? Surely, you can add some creativity to help others see just how dramatically something like this will affect our world. After all, by enabling their vision, we're enabling them to help make the transition smoother and faster. Agreed?