Comment: maybe i don't understand the geography of the area but

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maybe i don't understand the geography of the area but

how does the kid go from running over his brother and driving away to being a block or two away in some boat bleeding?

At any rate, when you're block is in lock down, i guess then you are in a localized war zone. And when you are under that martial law, you basically are thought to have no rights. So really at anytime they can declare you have no rights if they tell a big enough lie or create a crisis or even just use the right crisis for that opportunity.

Clearly this is not what our founders envisioned. i really feel like this police state is a giant boulder rolling through our country and people are pushing against it trying to stop it but only get caught underneath crushed . A few people pushing against it isn't going to be enough. It's going to take a massive amount of people to stop it and even begin to reverse it. This is where places like infowars and daily paul come in. We must change minds before we can stop this runaway police state, but we also must not comply.