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Money Money Money

How much money Rand raises will determine the outcome. Having a "tireless irate minority" doing the grassroots legwork helps, but ultimately it won't be enough to score a win if Rand falls short in the fundraising department. So, if you want to help, start saving money. Rather than spending 3 hours handing out pamphlets, it would be better to spend 3 hours working overtime, and bank the money for future donations to the campaign.

P.S. Don't misunderstand me, I'm not discounting the value of grassroots organizing and campaigning. I guess my point is this: if you aren't sure what you could do in the way of activism, or how effective it would be (especially at this early stage), then spending that free time making and saving money would be an excellent alternative. And, if in a year or so you change your mind about Rand, or Rand doesn't run, well then you've still got a nice stash of cash to be used for whatever you please. Win win.

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