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Comment: when you look at the burning

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when you look at the burning

when you look at the burning sun and realize it is finite, and must burn out in its due course, you realize how relative time is. separated from conscious perception, time seems to have no objective quality. what is just a bright flash that blinks out in fast forward is what we call billions of years in human terms. but without our slow motion conscious perception, geared to our own lifespan, who is to say what a long time and a short time is. what is a billion years for our consciousness could just be a long strung out snapshot or moment. what seems like a blink of the eye to our consciousness could be a condensed, abbreviated eternity for a super slowly unfolding process that had consciousness. or even outside of consciousness altogether, what is time? there may be a regular succession of events, but time is relative to the perception of the observer. its scary how subjective are the things we take as objective because they are inherent to our conscious perception which we cannot go outside of. the million little instant processes we don't observe because they don't concern us and are too quick for our stream of consciousness, we are aware of. but something with a longer span and tempo of consciousness would miss years as instants the way we do with milliseconds. worm, know thyself!