Comment: I used 'analogy' to avoid treading on shaky ground...

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I used 'analogy' to avoid treading on shaky ground...

but if Y'shua (Jesus) walked on water....maybe I should have given it a try. I would say at this point we are at the 'betrothal' stage: pledged to be 'married' to Christ, we are awaiting the return of our Bridegroom to take us to the 'Father's house. (In the times of the Bible, a son, especially the oldest, would bring his bride to a home he had built within the confines of his father's 'homestead'. The Father had to approve of the home built before the son could go and bring his bride there.) This is why, when asked when the elect would be brought to Him, he answered," no one knows the day or the hour (of this event), not even the Son, but the Father only."

OTOH, a betrothed woman was considered a 'wife', and the relationship was considered inviolate. If the woman had sex with her betrothed before the wedding, it was frowned upon, but was not punished. If someone else had sex with her, they were both put to death, unless in the country, or a rape situation. (Women in the countryside were given the benefit of the doubt, and assumed innocent)

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