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Comment: You Acted Like A Libertarian

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You Acted Like A Libertarian

Libertarians believe in personal responsibility--you acted like one; don't give that up.

There's a lesson to be learned: when someone does the right thing, and you punish them for it, it feels awful and discourages the behavior; it is better to welcome others doing the right thing. The other party will suffer bad karma with that attitude--don't you risk the same.

This is why it is bad that all these regulations and penalties are heaped on the "right" people after the "wrong" people do bad things, instead of just recognizing that each of us is an individual who does not deserve to be punished for the bad deeds of others.

As an individual, you can either let others decide your actions for you, and go tit for tat with them (i.e., give your power away), or you can decide that you have principles you live by, regardless of the unwisdom others may practice.

What do you think?