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Yeah, then its

Yeah, then its different.

Edison is more of a pop culture figure on account of being more of a public figure so in physics, especially electricity you hear a lot more about Tesla than Edison.

I actually came to know about Edison in any detail when I read a book called Sound:An Evolution(really can't remember but something like that).

His tendency to take credit for others' work was well documented by other sources but all the things he had done for the recording industry came to light after reading this book. He was a bad m-effer but so was Newton. Great minds tend to be a little antisocial anyway so I would ignore that side of him and prefer to remember the good work that he did do.

Not to take anything away from Tesla. His was the kind of mind that was years ahead of its time as a consequence of which he never really managed to fit in despite his prodigious talents.

This isolation probably fed his obsessive pursuit of science. Absolutely love the guy and wish he had been alive today. Today's world is far kinder to unsettled geniuses, if only to take advantage of them.