Comment: Don't be dense

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Don't be dense

Do your homework.

Seriously guy: knee jerk dismissing anything that does not fall into your preconceived notions is willful ignorance.

Labeling anything that bursts your personal bubble of possibility by automatically filing it under "looney nutjob conspiracy theory Alex Jones crap" ...

And NOT doing the research to justify your own dismissal of evidence what you are saying is hard-headed narrow mindedness, and possibly evidence of sheer stupidity on your part.

That is what is hurting *everyone*. The superficial, dense, oblivious nature of the population is hurting all America. Not just the 'liberty movement'

Use your head. Think critically.

These are highly placed reputable people that are TELLING US STRAIGHT OUT. Senators. NSA and FBI whistleblowers. The historical record of legislation in Congress and public record DARPA programs. A multimillion dollar data center in Utah that was built SPECIFICALLY FOR THIS PURPOSE.

And there are piles of evidence backing them up.

Don't react. THINK.