Comment: More censorship?

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More censorship?

I have no interest in a front page based on the most up votes. Why? The up/down vote promotes group think, not critical thinking, and it's a form of coercion that contradicts DP's purported libertarian philosophy.

The previous front page configuration was based on "most viewed" posts, and in many cases, the most viewed posts were down voted. Therefore, a front page based on the most viewed posts provides space and exposure for ideas that broaden the discussion. This also allows people to place comments/information in front of the most viewers. Isn't that the purpose of political activism, i.e., get ideas out to the largest possible audience? But the "customize" front page feature doesn't include an option to see the most viewed posts. DP newcomers may not realize that clicking on "viewed" in the blue bar will bring up the most viewed page, so the front page change seems to be a thinly veiled attempt to limit the discussion of opposing ideas. However, if I had the option to customize a front page based on the most viewed posts, I would have no problem with the changes. (Rand Paul: One person can make a difference) (Fast and Furious hearing)