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my 29-year veteran cop friend DOES NOT....

...TRUST the government...he wouldn't disarm a law abiding citizen because it's "his follow orders"; shall I find the Daily Paul 300 more uniformed cops with two-dozen years experience???

"... All of that stuff is being captured as we speak whether we know it or like it or not."

Don't tell me to "think"...tell this propagandist to choose his words better!!!

When he speaks like this, "to the resistance"; I suspect he'll be killed for it next week and it will be called a suicide!!!

Words MEAN things, or, maybe they don't???

They're reading my stuff here, MY NAME IS PUBLIC.....should I fear them?????

how far back in Congressman Ron Paul's career does this go? He could do nothing. To run on this as a campaign platform is likewise as absurd as running on 9/11 truth. For the DP community to pull an "OMG, everything is recorded!!!" just today, seems like....well...we're going to plug his upcoming book and get him on the Alex Jones show next week. What is the 'fruit'? Waking people up?

This stuff is repetitive, and, we're chasing our tails....meanwhile....this, that, and the other is also going on at the White House and in Congress, and at the Pentagon....what are.we doing? Fueling outrage? John Stossel has also been doing that for 30+ years....

This leads to voter apathy; it is in the "communist" plans to "destroy faith in government"....

I'm very much thinking...very much so...the people want SOLUTIONS from us, not more tattling.