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I do think you get the prize

for being the single most negative, closed minded, no-vision person I've ever met. Seriously, you couldn't innovate your way out of a paper bag! Damn. I really can't believe there are people who know so little about technology and about how the free market works as this.

As one tiny example (because I have multiple paragraphs to say to teach you how wrong everything you just said is), if I had $1000 in cash and a couple bitcoins I could exchange with you for either one you wanted to convert of yours, right? Did I have to register as an exchange with the government? No? So how will they know we exchanged? If you say they wouldn't but you say this can't scale larger, geographically over more area or spread across town/city/international lines, you're a damn fool. Good luck predicting anything but your next meal.

I'll let you stew on your own words to see just how hypocritical they are. I'm honestly not going to spend the time required to teach someone how the world works.

Just wow.