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I was not brought up that way

I was baptized by a well meaning Aunt when my father was out to sea.. when he returned, he, who was a hard core Objectivist, despised religion with a passion, but admired the intel of the Israeli's, especially since many who he worked with were not religious. My father, and his family.. and it continuess.. they are warriors, they LOVE the military.. that is how I grew up. I rebelled.

Growing up in the military, you grow up blind to religion and race. All that matters is RANK (and within that rank, acheivment).

I explored spirituality and religion from the time I ran away from the military and my family, age 15 `1972, but I did not assume a religion until May of 2010. There were several reasons I turned to the Church, and one reason was something I heard Ron Paul say.. Ron Paul makes a twist on Ben Franklins words.. "It's a republic for as long as you can keep it".. it's not just the republic we are losing, but religion is important to community. So if you want to restore community, it has to be on a spiritual level. A community without a spiritual foundation, a church, community implodes. So I began going to Church, and I received my first communion and conformation two years ago, and am definately part of a strong segment of the community, that is not government owned and operated or funded. It's worked out far better for me than I ever imagined. That's me. Even if I was to go back touring with the dead, I would remain a Catholic. It is a good fit. So I am grateful to Ron Paul for encouraging me.

You do know that Ron and Rand are Christians? Ron and Rand not only are practicing Christians but the support Israel calling Israel A FRIEND. Does that make them zionists?

I have no loyalty to Bush. Why would you lie? You have my email, and if that's what you felt, why not address me, instead, you would post this lie about me? Am I a threat to you? Why the attack behind another's post. Grow some balls fishy.

You say in other posts that all wars and banker's wars (which I agree), and then you come here, not to post me, but to post someone who has an issue with me, and side with them in a lie.

Let's get something straight between you, them, and me, right now, Ron and Rand stand with Israel. ISRAEL IS OUR FRIEND.

Now if you don't stand with Israel, you might want to ask yourself, if maybe there's something Ron and Rand understand that you don't.

Clinton was going to sign the Kyoto Protocal but was busted burning nuclear waste in NV, so he backed off. Bush, Clinton. Obama, Romney all the same.. ENTANGLING ISRAEL. (Yes, I voted Romney for a seat I was elected) Ron and Rand are not about entangling Israel. THERE IS A DIFFERENCE beteween Bush neocons (Democrat neoliberals) and their fight for a NWO, opposed to Ron and Rand, and folks in Israel who all want republic sovreignty and freedom from UN entanglements and prescidents replacing constitutions and treaties with unconstitutional patriot acts and corporate corruption.