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Hi Ira,

You mentor's words and your words:

"A great mentor once told me "All you have been taught is wrong". Once I realized it was mostly true, I was free!"

I think the part I struggle with is the part of figuring out what is "mostly true" between what is patently false. It is also hard even after finding out what is wrong not to revert back to nearly 50 years of thinking. And then there is the misinformation which I am sure is spread far and wide to keep people who have figured out that the company line is wrong from completely grasping what is true. I think there are also enemies of the US who would like to make this time of turmoil their gain. And by "their" I don't know who they are. You know when the US fought in Vietnam they dropped propaganda leaflets to discourage the nationals. So I have to say, it is all very confusing to me. I wish Ron Paul were 30 years younger with a 40 year record. lol, because I am not even sure about Rand Paul, though I want him to be like his father.