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My wife and I witnessed a car

My wife and I witnessed a car accident when we were in college (No serious injuries...just damage to the vehicles). To this day we wish we had kept on walking across campus instead of getting involved. We were inconvenienced, lots of travel to the out of town courthouse when we should have been at the beach, and absolutely no appreciation at all.

Also when in college, I drove a delivery truck part time for a lumber company. I was making a delivery in heavy rain. It was a tight spot to back into at the loading dock. I was watching my side mirrors to make sure I didn't hit these 2 expensive cars on each side. As I pulled up to the dock, there was this overhead sign that I BARELY brushed up against. It put this tiny little 1/2 inch scuff that was barely noticeable on a 6 X 3 foot sign.

When I went in, I told the owner. He came outside and said he'd need a new sign. I was like, "Are you serious?". My company paid him $500 for the sign worth about $200. He never even bought another sign or had it repaired...he pocketed the money and the same ole sign likely hangs there to this day (if he is still in business).

I received a warning letter and 3 day suspension (It wasn't all that bad as the suspension was on a Friday, Sat. and Sunday. I partied hard that weekend).

From now on it's like Sgt. Schultz from Hogan's Hero's ...

"I see nothing....NOTHING"

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