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"therefore, government should be neutral.."

With all due respect, the nature of government is not to be neutral, whether it be on issues of religion, science, morality, sexuality, etc. The list goes on and on.

NOT having prayer in public schools is as much of a religious imposition as having prayer in public schools. The mere existence of government sponsored education is itself a violation of the Establishment clause of the First Amendment.

But it's not only education that's a problem here. Just take your example of the Ten Commandments posted on courthouse walls. Again, there is simply no way to be neutral as long as government exists.

As a Christian and a supporter of absolute religious liberty, I must oppose the very existence of government, as government can NEVER remain neutral toward any moral or ethical belief system, including belief systems (which I would call "religions") which have no stated beliefs in a supreme being.

As far as the "atheists don't try to 'cram it down others throats'," what web site (planet) have you been living on? There are "principled atheists" as well as "principled Christians" on the DP, but there are also those in both the atheist camp and the "Christian" camp who are extremely intolerant of differing viewpoints. To deny this is either evasion or distortion of reality.