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Comment: I went to Catholic School

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I went to Catholic School

The Boy Scouts leader was in the closet. I never formally joined the scouts but I had an inkling he was limp wristed, although I still felt safe. My parents told me to steer clear.

This reply is not a slam against gay people. Most gay and straight people are not pedos.

In any case, it turned out he allegedly was a pedo years later. Glad I never joined. Apparently he sexually assaulted several in my class, one who lived across the street.

So it isn't an issue of people of the cloth or gay people or Christians but I do think they need to clean their act so kids can learn real survival and moral skills.

In any case I have taught my own child enough so that he could survive in a worst case scenario, as well as morality. Now if the schools would actually teach I wouldn't have to teach the lesson plan every night on top moral values. I have to console my son all the time because he gets ripped on every day because of his skin color and being moral.

If our tax burden was lower (end the DOE) we could all put our kids in good private schools or homeschool, and we could enroll them in a program like the Boy Scouts but on a much more local level where everyone knew each other, but not an org. It wouldn't be perfect, but it would be better. All parents would go, and teach the kids skills they might need. All parents would be required to participate.

I only half care if the leader is gay. It's the pedos I worry about, who like boys, it being an all boy org. Many of my friends do care, and say they should not be scout leaders and I respect that as well, but what if they are in the closet? Maybe gays don't belong in the scouts? It's not my call. God is my Judge.

Who's to say that me the single dad who doesn't date isn't one? I don't date because I only have maybe 15-30 minutes a day free, not enough to date, and I'm not interested in casual sex. I'm sure people wonder about me. Once I get my son on his feet, then I will date. Until then, I will focus on raising a son full of morality and teach him the best I can. Oh, and I'm not a scout leader, no time. I have my own child to educate.

It's the pedos who are the problem.

Any "Christian" could be a pedo. A true Christian would not.

One time a guy I got a creepy feeling from kept pushing for my son to spend the night. I said no and then I was shunned. But he really gave me a bad feeling. This was right after I had a discussion with another of his friends parents about overnighters, who said they don't like it, but then they said okay that night. Then his parents weirded out on me.

Call me a helicopter parent but that's better than having a child traumatized by some pedophile.

So, I do somewhat not care if the scout leader is gay (many gays are masculine), although I would be wary if he were gay, but I would also be wary if he weren't. It's the pedos. Boy Scout leaders should be vetted. Maybe the whole org is corrupt. No clue.

But I don't think it's Christians or Gays. I think the problem is pedos.