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Whoa! Whoa! What are you talking about?

You are addressing issues that I have made no comment on. I challenge you to find a thread where I have ever said that I listen to Alex Jones. I didn't even read the article. I was responding to your apparent denial that we are being monitored and/or recorded. I have my own observations and conclusions from almost 50 years of living in this mess and I don't need to rest my beliefs on someone else shoulders like so many do here. I back my own argument. And what the heck does the deviant marriage debate have to do with the constant surveillance state we live in.?

It is a fact that we are being monitored more and more, and more than we know. It is a fact that they have the ability to do these things. And the "Patriotic" and/or false "Christian" duty to country is all many people need to IGNORANTLY go along with anything their accepted authority figures tell them. So they are not lacking in technology and not lacking in man power to "secure" our "Great Nation" against all "enemies" foreign or "domestic". And they use those assets to their fullest.

Now you say your "cop friend" says that is all BS. Do you believe him because you think that every cop is "in the know" or is it because you believe this is a Christian nation that would never misuse the information that they are recording? Are you in denial or are you are you angry that people accuse you of being in denial or what? How about some clarity?