Comment: Looks like Brutality to me

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Looks like Brutality to me

This is flat out 100% Police Brutality and its good someone was recording these Dirty Cops abusing this young lady.
If she had committed a "crime" then she should had been arrested "immediately" when the police showed up.
What's this Elffin Dialog with the Cops? What's with that?
You're in denial, blah blah blah, etc.
My GOD, if the lady commited a crime then tell her and arrest her for her crime...But, you do have an obligation to tell her what she's being arrested for.
Hey COPS, you are suppose to be "upholding" this lady's civil and Constitutional rights regardless of how annoying she might be to you...Recall the OATH you swore when you wanted to be Gung-Ho Cop?
A COP needs to pay dearly whenever they treat someone like this.
I could not watch anymore after they man-handled her into the car.
What a total waste of taxpayer's money.
Let's start an email campaign to the Mayor, and Maybe the Chief of Police, Sheriff, or whoever.
One of these days a real patriot is gonna stand up for the rights of their family member and refuse to be treated like this.