Comment: "Pre-paying for some kind of protection is a mafioso tactic."

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"Pre-paying for some kind of protection is a mafioso tactic."

I see what you OR ELSE!!!

I personally have never had an issue paying or not paying fire department taxes. Really, I just didn't like the negative tone towards fireman that I seemed to hear from you.

I may have heard wrong. I think our fire department system is something that Americans have been proud of. I think the thing is, that if people have to pay after-the-fact it would be very difficult for some people. Some people have their complete lives destroyed, loose everything, and end up in the hole. I am thinking that the fire department system is a neighborhood of people chipping in together to help each other in the case of a fire. I help you when you need it and you help me when I need it. I don't know. Maybe that is socialism?