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I agree

"I try not to 'hate', but I am very unhappy with what I consider the rogue element in the American government.

And I think the rogue element has overpowered the constitution-respecting aspects of the American government/American population--"

I just don't see a reason to hate Israel either because America and Israel are made up of a list of people. There are people on that list that do bad things and there are people on that list who do good things.

Is America us, the people? Or is America a rogue government?

I can ask the same about Israel.

I think there are people who do hate and it is those people who will put out disinformation. I want to be sure that I understand the difference between what is true and was is misinformation.

I don't think I have ever heard Ron Paul speak ugly about Israel. He spoke of her as a nation who should do what she wants to do in regards to protecting herself without any money ties to America do do what America wants her to do.

Then there is that USS Liberty attack. I cannot understand that at all.