Comment: Just wondering if this is a glitch

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Just wondering if this is a glitch

I noticed it the other day and didn't say anything but under

"Recent Comments" on the right side of my screen the list reads:

# I agree
by bear
1 min 1 sec ago

# Ouch!
by GopBlackList
1 min 2 sec ago

# There is no way to make
by Rhysw
4 sec ago

# ♫ THe FaRT SoNG ♫
by ◎◎ducks
2 min 54 sec ago

The point being it is not chronological and there also seems to be alot of time gaps in between the times. Is it something to do with my personal settings? It seems like the list used to be seconds apart and chronologic.

Also, I was going to reply to someone on Michael Nystrom's Bon Voyage/Birthday post and noticed that it was 403'd. Was there soemthing wrong with it?