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without giving too much away, if you don't mind, is it in moto-sports (F1? MotoGP? Rally?) component rapid prototyping? AeroSpace/Rocketry? Other Engine Design? Stressed Structural component manufacturer? medical? like hip/joint replacement??

What's the cost differential between that and something like MIM??

That, sounds AWESOME!

Actually, how is the titanium 'fed' into an 'auger'/hopper/feeder/printhead? is it in filament form, or like pellets? or, is it similar to the current 'sand bath' aluminum/steel/alloy 3D printing and simply a change of material to Titanium and slight temperature/duration/sequence variances/variations?

okay, so I'm asking all the 'freshman' noob nerd-out questions. but printing titanium? that sounds WAY too cool!

granted, Ti sheetmetal is not what you'd use a 3D printer for, but perhaps just the collector portion and endcaps; I want to hear her organs, sing! sing! sing! dang it! lol.

I'd love to see the differentials in stress test & heat, between a printed vs. milled, vs. cast Titanium pieces. I'm sure your place of work has done it already.

but, can't believe they're already printing titanium!!!


these are some examples found online, anything similar?

Predictions in due Time...

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