Comment: Hang on there mate. It sounds

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Hang on there mate. It sounds

Hang on there mate. It sounds tough and unfair but there are always ways out.

There are many skills you can develop that are very useful on the market. I do not suggest psychology as it is not very marketable and there is a lot of competition.

The most demand in the market and the most stress free job today is data analysis. Prepare and register for Chartered Accountant or FRM exams. Once you register they will also provide the material. Immerse yourself in it and forget about everything else. Survive any way you can using govt. benefits for two years and try to clear these papers. If you do that your life will change for the better.

I would also suggest learning a bit of programming over the net as that comes in handy in data analysis. Don't focus on it because computer programmers generally lose value very quickly and are replaced by 18-20 year old who are more up to date with current technologies.

You can even take up a part time job as 6-7 hours of study a day will get you by. As you are a musician you can think about doing promotions locally, organising ticketed gigs once a month with people you may know who are familiar with running a business and in a tough spot like you.

Other than that you can meditate,eat right, exercise and you will be fine, trust me, I've gone through bad phases too and come out of them.