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I'm with you

Just to be clear I'm not saying we "have" to recognize religion as part of liberty. But dismissing that it is part of liberty in SOME peoples lives, even young and independent folk, could be a mistake and is missing an opportunity to reach a wider audience.

Some people of religious background find it difficult or even undesirable to be around, consider, or live a libertarian lifestyle due to misconceptions or interpretations of their religion and religious texts. And it is not an insignificant population in that category. There's an opportunity to change that. We can change that perception and show how liberty is completely compatible if not the intended goal of quite nearly all religions. What I envision is not an overall religious theme to the network, but perhaps have a few shows or segments, like the paleo diet segment, that discuss liberty from a particular religious perspective. Something that those with that particular religious background can relate to and share with their fellow believers. Not as proselytizing tool to convert the unbelievers to their religion, but to help convert those of their particular faith to a liberty oriented perspective of their faith. Just like there are segments on natural health and other liberty subjects, I dont see why there cant be religious subjects discussed through the lens of liberty.
If the goal is to show a liberty lifestyle, showing it through the various flavors of beliefs may go a long way to demonstrate liberty as a universal truth that we can unite around, despite our religious differences. The whole, "if you're not free to practice your religion as you see fit, nor am I" attitude of religious freedom. The fear of course is always that what if it gets out of hand and the particular shows and/or network turn into a religious or social conservative propaganda mouth piece. That is a legitimate concern and I hope every measure is taken to prevent that, while still allowing religious discussion in some form.

This much attention may make it seem like I'm making a major push for religion to be included in this endeavor. I'm not. I'm just saying you may run the risk of unnecessarily alienating a large segment of the population we're trying to reach by excluding it. It must be done right though or like you said it can run the risk of alienating other good people without religious beliefs or different religious beliefs.

tl;dr If it's seen as an anti-religion network you lose a large audience. If it's seen as pro-religion network, the same result. It's tricky but there should be enough room under the umbrella of liberty to pull it off and reach as many people as possible.