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Apparently you don't know...

Apparently you don't know the difference between a steel reinforced building and a structural steel building. Or you are trying blur the line between them like the lefties do with semi auto and full auto fire arms.
A steel reinforced building is made up mostly with concrete with reinforcement bars. I have known of 2 buildings that pancaked and it always turns out that the concrete is too wet ( too much water in the mixture which greatly reduces the strength. Or the other reason that they fall down is the forms are stripped out while the concrete is still green and has not hardened enough.
I have personally witnessed a structural steel building that collapsed. It was due to crane operator error because he over extended the boom and the crane fell into building causing a cascade effect.
There was a high rise structural steel building in Japan that burned for 21 hours and did not fall down. Jet fuel can not generate the heat necessary to leave molten pools of steel like was found in in the World Trade buildings. Take your trolling and disinformation somewhere else where you can fool them.