Comment: you are endowed by the creator

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you are endowed by the creator

does not say GOD
no you can say all you want about wanting Christians
in this movement,and call atheists aligning with communists
but you self professing Christians are more of a hindrance
to every movement
what you talk about and preach about is incomplete,with an
incomplete bible. you stand on your soap box and scream from.
America wasn't founded on godly principles,but many of them
each professing their own form of what they believed
and whom or what they believed in
WE ARE ENDOWED BY OUR CREATOR...does it say god anywhere?
what you preach from is a bible that went through many hands of man
and changed by man
the Nicene creed should be a point where you start from,and learn what was done to the bible we use today,but i bet you won't look into that
bet you won't even look into the fact the bible has pagan beliefs
mixed in
ever read any of them so-called missing books of the bible?
ever read up on what Ezekiel mentioned about the wheel in the wheel?
does the name Lilith mean anything to you?
how about the fact that Moses in the basket has been recorded years before Moses was put in one

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence