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Some Thoughts

In all societies, there is always a tiny minority which wields power, and around them is a structure consisting of bureaucrats, armed thugs, and opinion-makers. These people all conspire to maintain and expand their own wealth and power at the expense of those they rule. This is the norm for humanity.

Until recently, there were many independent power structures in the world: e.g. Britain had its ruling class, France had another, Russia another, Turkey another, etc. This has now all been replaced by a single global ruling class. To trace the history of how this happened, just look at the history of the struggle of nations over the last two or three hundreds years. Britain (and the US) won in the end. This is why the global ruling class, the "PTB", is the Anglo-American establishment. They are just the people who happened to constitute the ruling classes of Britain and the US during this period of time, when Britain and the US came to dominate the world. be continued, maybe

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