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yup, that seems to be the REAL 'difference' between

NWO's GOP-puppet led wars vs. NWO's Dem-puppet led wars: GWB & Dipshiite Cheney couldn't hide their 'a-holeness'; they inescapably wore it on their sleeves, so they attack openly, directly and illegally.

but, the oBUSHma's seems to be following Zbieggie's "Grand ChessBoard" strategy to a T: not that parties really matter, as we all know, but Dems, for whatever reasons, have always been 'better' at waging proxy wars than the GOP. Looks like they're definitely living up to their reputation, again.

Perhaps there is some anecdotal truth to the fact that while there always are professional political mercenaries everywhere, with statist dems, on the most part, it is their entire raison d'tre: State-craft IS their life & livelihood. with GOP, they definitely have more who actually worked in private sector before dipping into the Federal honeypot to garner more corporatist deals for themselves during their short stint in CONgress. That's why they almost 'suck more at lying' than Dems, who are always ever more measured in their professionally trained use of Fabian Socialist/Machiavellina rhetoric; the Dems truly are better at lying.

Guess apt comparison would be, GOP statist thugs are like John Wayne Gacy, vs. Dems as Ted Bundy. The rough-crassy 'killer-looking' killer, vs. the charming serial rapist/torturer/murderer Bundy.

Anyone here remember the Dems acquiescence to their Blue Dress staining Balkans Murderer-in-Chief? It's like "De javu, all over again" with oBUSHma's 'quiet'-not-so-condemned/scrutinized news'-'news' keeping 'anti-war' Dems pliant, like the statist sheep that they always were, as oBUSHma, like Clinton before him wages proxy warS and 'quiet wars,' still, ever so illegally.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul