Comment: I blame the Fonz

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I blame the Fonz

The psychology of the thumbs-up can be traced back to our need to be thought of as cool by the Fonz. People beating about on the rocks of self identity. Aimless. Needing direction and acceptance. Sometimes you hit, sometimes you miss. Sometimes you say something that everyone can agree with:
" I don't care what anyone says, Adolf Hitler was a bad man" (+12)
Sometimes the need for approval causes us to hijack a youtube video:
" 'Like' if you watched this because you thought you saw a boob in the thumbnail" (+384) or
" 'Like' if Breaking Dawn brought you here" (+221)
Sometimes you get a thumbs down:
"Twerking is kind of gross" (-67)- And its like 67 Fonzies calling you a nerd. And it hurts.