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I don't

I defend Israel's right to defend her population without American or UN meddling. I see no reason for American tax payers to send money to Israel, though, If we are going to send money, I agree with Rand, we should give to countries that are not burning the USA flag, and Israel is not burning the USA flag.

I don't always agree with Israel or the USA government, and I definately do not agree with what the leaders of any nationa always does.

Ron and Rand have said Israel is our friend.

How many here are standing with Ron, Rand and Israel now? Not many.

I've been into conspiracy theory for decades, and I see patterns in events.. propeganda and censorship..

The way I see it, like the USA, Israel also have an inner battle of those who want a NWO and those wh do not. There was some bogus poll in an article today claimed something like 71% of the American pipulation would gladly give up freedom for security. How many folks here believe they should be armed? And yet.. it's not ok for Israel to be armed and defend her citizens?

If Israel was burning USA flags, I would be on the bandwagon many here are already on.. the HATE Israel campaign, brought to us by a UN Agenda that does not want sovreignity for any state, and that is what Israel fights for.