Comment: Life is good because death is

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Life is good because death is

Life is good because death is the alternative.

There is no improving your condition with death.

Life is good because, when you think you're at bottom, you can plumb deeper depths of sorrow and pain. And you realize how much you took for granted before. No matter how bad, things can ALWAYS get worse. Smile. Find someone who is worse off. Don't compare to make yourself feel better. Similarly, don't feel bad for them. But reach out. As bad as things are for you, help someone who has it worse, and you will realize just how good life is, and you will feel good. Even if only momentarily. Moments add up. Make them add up.

Your words across a DailyPaul post, met with empathy and consideration and read by those who have shared in their own personal struggles, should be a testament to that. Life is not perfect for anyone, even the most fortunate. Indeed, a defining characteristic of life itself is hardship. Hardships are plentiful, and multiplying. All of us know this.

But through the fray, make sure you cling to, appreciate, and enjoy all the small moments that matter.

Like this one.

Make your pain matter. To you or someone else. And smile about it.