Comment: No ((((((bear))))

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No ((((((bear))))

Nonna is NOT a witch. I studied WICCA for a number of years, could be called a Green Witch because I am into growing and using herbs to heal people (old wife kinda witch.. never been married.. got a black cat too, he's a tuxedo actually, probably a shape shifter.

I have played the role of Shaman, being I have had the pleasure of meeting many kinds, and reading books, of course all this is pagan.

It is a form of spirituality that is connected to mammon, all an effort to control.. so it's not about God's will.. and yet, there is faith, and many times a very positive energy, which many find attractive, especially needed by those who are repelled by Christianity for whatever reason. Those of us in Christ have communion, and this is what we have with Nonna, who I love.

Have you ever been in a Catholic Church bear? Ever been through a Catholic mass?