Comment: I'm sorry to hear about your

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I'm sorry to hear about your

I'm sorry to hear about your troubles.

Who cares what your doctor says you shouldn't do? Their view is very limited, and in some ways they lack common sense. Are you doing everything you can do to try to fix your back problems? Stretching, yoga, metcons, weight loss, strength training, trigger points, etc?

College is obsolete, for the most part.

It sounds like you've got a very tough set of circumstances to deal with. But you will have an easier time when you see the direct connection between your actions, agreements, and what you get. You need to find a way to become more valuable to other people (ie: get paid for something of value). Whatever you were doing at your last job obviously wasn't very valuable, and there might not be a whole lot that you personally can do for that particular company to be of value yet, unless you get creative. Communists believe that people should receive things by virtue of their need. But there's also a similar belief that people are entitled to receive things if they did their best. That doesn't work either.